Didier Leboutte,Aye

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Yearly Weather Summary

05/02/23 18:20:00

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Calendar Year

High Temperature5,6°C01/01/23 00:00:53
Low Temperature5,6°C01/01/23 00:25:00
High Heat Index N/A N/A
Low Wind Chill N/A N/A
High Dewpoint N/A N/A
Low Dewpoint N/A N/A
High Humidity N/A N/A
Low Humidity N/A N/A
High Barometer1042 hPa05/02/23 17:37:20
Low Barometer978 hPa16/01/23 13:07:05
High Wind Speed N/A N/A N/A
Average Wind N/A
RMS Wind N/A
Vector Average Speed N/A
Vector Average Direction90°
High Inside Temperature20,9°C01/01/23 00:13:45
Low Inside Temperature9,4°C26/01/23 16:30:17
High Pond Temp22,2°C05/01/23 21:25:56
Low Pond Temp10,0°C26/01/23 17:20:07

Rain Year (1-jan start)

Rain Year Total0,0 mm
High Rain Rate N/A N/A

Yearly Statistics and Plots

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